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Customer Testimonials

I have been Maggie's client for over 4 years. She is the best I have ever come across in my life. She understands your needs and has the patience to listen to you. She customizes each session to concentrate the problem areas. After each session, I always felt good and relaxed. She worked on those stress nodes and her hands are blessed to take those nodes out. I like the fact that she gives tips on how to adjust your posture to help with the problem areas. If you haven't visited her, I strongly recommend doing it. You will definitely enjoy the session.


Maggie has been my Massage Therapist for years. I came to her after several Physical Therapy sessions for tendonitis on my left foot. I was frustrated because I wasn't feeling any improvement with physical therapy and decided to try massage therapy. After my first session with Maggie I felt great!; she told me that she needed to see me once at week for four weeks and believe me, at the end of the four weeks, I felt way much, much better. Now, I see her once at month for kind of maintenance purpose. She is great and you can tell she is knowledgeable.

Gary B. - Air Force

I used to be the kind of person who thought that massages didn't really work, that all they were was a luxury. Once I started to come to Maggie for massages regularly I began to feel a big difference. I realized that massages do in fact help with any pains or discomfort one may be feeling.


Maggie is a true gem! Organic facial was extraordinary. She personalized my treatment, was warm, personable and caring. She is so knowledgeable about skin care. Lovely and very comfortable setting. Warmed blanket - WOW!! Wonderful soft background music. Neck and shoulder and hand massage. So relaxing and rejuvenating. I will definitely return for more pampering.


When I was referred to Maggie by a coworker, it was the best advice I could have followed. I have refused to see anyone else since my first massage with her. Not only does she take good care of you by providing comfort, ambiance, and the perfect atmosphere to let go of everyday's stresses. She gives the greatest massage I have ever had. She can read how your body is feeling with her hands without you even having to tell her. You can tell she is vey talented and experienced beyond anyone I have ever gone to. .

Katie, Vet tech, NIH

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